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Recommend Mr./Ms. 龍 04-01-2018 18:01:01
Recommend Mr./Ms. Esther 03-01-2018 16:55:48
Taste in general is good but a bit fishy. Not enough traditional osechi assortment (e.g. tsukemono, dried fishes, stewed lotus roots, bamboo etc.)
Recommend Mr./Ms. Jeannie 02-01-2018 10:09:20
Recommend Mr./Ms. Elsie 02-01-2018 08:12:22
食物味道剛剛好, 不會太甜, 很美味. 有這樣的質素,這樣的價錢絕對超值!
Recommend Mr./Ms. Arai 01-01-2018 22:36:10
Good taste !
Recommend Mr./Ms. Noel 01-01-2018 20:19:34
Osechi set is great - all food is wonderful.
The abalone free gift is better to come with serving instructions. The sea water taste of the abalones is too strong.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Stanley Ma 01-01-2018 16:03:38
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ms Tang 01-01-2018 15:04:17
Recommend Mr./Ms. Jonathan Suen 24-12-2017 15:07:10
delivery ontime
delicious, good presentation
value for money
Recommend Mr./Ms. Andrew Kam 24-12-2017 15:06:20
Tastes Good, and Very beautiful dishes
Recommend Mr./Ms. Lo 09-12-2017 11:48:41
Very good and tasty