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Recommend Mr./Ms. Connie 03-10-2018 09:12:22
Recommend Mr./Ms. Suiman 16-06-2018 16:25:52
Quite Good.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Patra Yuen 24-11-2017 15:49:45
Recommend Mr./Ms. Dr. Tony 01-10-2017 15:02:37
The 3 sets of Uni that I bought yesterday was far from my expectation.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Rosa Leung 18-07-2017 09:56:16
Recommend Mr./Ms. Joanne 01-07-2017 22:15:43
Taste good and reasonable price
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ming 25-06-2017 18:40:15
Recommend Mr./Ms. SY 17-06-2017 00:11:45
Love it, good taste.
However, when it arrives, it's full of water drops inside the package, like it has been exposed to room temperature for sometime. Guess it is something to do with the delivery service.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ng 15-05-2017 02:35:32