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Recommend Mr./Ms. Tanny 02-01-2019 11:32:44
Recommend Mr./Ms. DebraChow 29-12-2018 15:34:02
Good taste, yummy
Recommend Mr./Ms. Wong Winnie 23-12-2018 17:19:09
Good taste
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ms. Pong 13-02-2018 09:27:50
Although the food was not deliver within the time frame but they quality of the food as well as the packing was good!
Recommend Mr./Ms. Lo 04-12-2017 19:41:08
Recommend Mr./Ms. Patra Yuen 24-11-2017 16:00:21
很新鮮美味,配白飯一流 !
Recommend Mr./Ms. Alan 25-06-2017 22:55:42
Recommend Mr./Ms. Tim 21-06-2017 10:28:14
Recommend Mr./Ms. MJ 05-04-2017 17:05:10
Recommend Mr./Ms. KenjiTam 21-01-2017 17:01:46
Recommend Mr./Ms. Jackit 16-12-2016 17:14:28
進食三文魚子的時候, 北海道旅遊的回憶翻晒黎~
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ms Tang 09-10-2016 23:24:28
Recommend Mr./Ms. K 20-09-2016 14:52:42
Recommend Mr./Ms. Christine chan 16-08-2016 22:30:06
Taste good
Recommend Mr./Ms. Annie 29-07-2016 23:09:22
Recommend Mr./Ms. chao 23-07-2016 16:19:03
To whom may concerns
I booked your crab legs at this Wed noon and it supposes to deliver at Sat morning between 8-12.
I stay home to wait but your delivery man only called me once during the time I was in bathroom,
after I trying to call back and he refused to pick up, it happened all within 5mins.

I called my reception, it's said that he couldn't even wait for 2 mins and refuse to call me the 2nd time,
I think it's really unacceptable.
I booked it for my important friend part, it really embarrassed me a lot and cause me big trouble.
I hope you manage your 3rd time party and they all properly trained, and give me a reasonable
explain, there's no one delivery who only call customer once and refuse to wait even for 2 mins.

Hope to hear you soon
Recommend Mr./Ms. michelle 05-07-2016 12:01:32
粒粒都爆汁, 真係好好味
Recommend Mr./Ms. Bee Jai 04-07-2016 16:56:00
Recommend Mr./Ms. wu kwok kit 01-07-2016 17:07:49
Recommend Mr./Ms. Alva 29-06-2016 12:23:48
會再 order