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Recommend Mr./Ms. Annie 22-10-2018 23:01:28
Delicious steak and great service!
Recommend Mr./Ms. C Cheng 19-01-2017 16:26:35
Ordered 2 pieces of A4 beef steak. however was disappointed with the quality compare to before. 1 piece has a big chunk of pure fat on it! The steaks were not trimmed properly before sending off.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ricky lam 14-10-2016 08:32:05
Recommend Mr./Ms. Kwan yuk lun 17-09-2016 16:29:11
Recommend Mr./Ms. 老馮 17-07-2016 13:20:33
夠香, 夠"林". 若有厚切, 相信更有咬口.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ben 28-06-2016 22:32:34
Too oily, maybe A3 is enough.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Raymond Wong 28-05-2016 19:43:02