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Recommend Mr./Ms. Customer 09-02-2019 15:22:05
Good delivery but the seafood were not fresh enough.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Shirley Chan 08-02-2019 11:50:47
Recommend Mr./Ms. Debby 06-02-2019 17:23:39
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ruby 31-12-2018 14:01:37
Recommend Mr./Ms. Simon 27-12-2018 15:36:01
Very nice, 份量好夠同好食
啲蟹腳同睇相一樣咁大隻 正!
Recommend Mr./Ms. Shirley Sum 21-12-2018 15:17:56
very good
Recommend Mr./Ms. Jason Li 18-12-2018 11:23:07
Good arrangement, Good Transportation, I like the crab leg and all seafood very much, it is fresh and good taste, but the vegetable roll was not good for me. Overall it is excellent. I will buy it again.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Cherry 07-12-2018 14:34:05
9L 蟹腳非常新鮮甜美,值得再訂,可惜四代目的蝦霉,請留意
Recommend Mr./Ms. Tracy Kwok 20-11-2018 18:50:38
Recommend Mr./Ms. Chiu Ka Yee 05-11-2018 19:33:26
Taste is fresh, timely delivery & secure packing. Suggest to launch some set only crab with Saishimi. Because hk people like saishimi rather than those hotpot food. In fact those hot pot food not arractive, i had no choice need to buy 2 sets to serve 12 people;( if had samshimi & crab set will be very great! thks