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Recommend Mr./Ms. Nicole 12-12-2018 07:34:45
I felt very thankful that the carbs sashimi was really good and my family really enjoyed it and the food could be delivered on time.
Recommend Mr./Ms. VV 10-12-2018 15:27:18
價錢吸引, 套餐內無論刺身或熟食都好好食
Recommend Mr./Ms. POW 09-12-2018 15:24:17
Recommend Mr./Ms. Alan Young 03-12-2018 14:35:09
Food is good and fresh, definitely will order again, thanks.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Cherry 27-11-2018 16:04:49
Recommend Mr./Ms. Gigi 25-11-2018 18:50:22
On time deliver. Great customer service. Very fresh and worth the price. Great for party. Definitely will buy again.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Teddy 20-11-2018 20:10:18
Recommend Mr./Ms. Kate 12-11-2018 00:27:39
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ivy 11-11-2018 16:20:53
good price. I’m happy with the quality and delivery service.
Recommend Mr./Ms. kc 07-11-2018 20:53:26
【特大松葉蟹刺身入】四代目 雜錦海鮮豪華套餐×1 急凍原隻松葉蟹(熟) 全隻
蝦 mama
松葉蟹 too dry
Crab legs ok
Recommend Mr./Ms. Chiu Ka Yee 05-11-2018 19:30:10
Taste very good, timely delivery~ the packing & the dining instruction of the crab & deforst is very simple & clear to understand. My friend are willing to buy next time becasue the food is fresh. But may i suggest shd hv some set is Sashimi only. Because sometime peoole only want to eat samshimi & crab , not hotpot food. like me i served 12 ppls need to buy 2 sets . otherwise not enough to serve.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Queenie cheung 05-11-2018 11:36:25
Recommend Mr./Ms. Mei 02-11-2018 11:43:53
Recommend Mr./Ms. Elsie 05-10-2018 13:43:29
Recommend Mr./Ms. saxofung 02-10-2018 18:26:40
Shipping was great, on time, neat and clean packing. Raw crab was disappointing, didn't have much flavour, after cooking it tasted a little better. The cooked crab was good. Sweet and tasted better. The shrimp was also good, sweet and even the head was good, as well as the scallops. Oysters were just bad! Way too fishy to eat even after cooked. Sausage was good as most Japanese sausage. The veggie and pork roll was also tasteless. Last was the mackerel, which were good. So overall to me was just okay. For the price and while it said it could feed 6-8 persons, it wasn't enough for 6 which I had bought extra food/meat separately for our hot pot. Would I buy it again? No, not for this combo. Though would like to try different sashimi if you offer again.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Benny 01-10-2018 22:35:52
The food is fresh and taste good
Recommend Mr./Ms. Susanna Lam 30-09-2018 15:14:29
Recommend Mr./Ms. Michelle Chan 27-09-2018 09:25:06
Seafood were fresh, the fish was delicious
Recommend Mr./Ms. kent 25-09-2018 15:16:51
very good delivery servuce
Recommend Mr./Ms. Winnie Wong 24-09-2018 16:58:20
Overall is good, but sausage size is too small