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Recommend Mr./Ms. cecilia 19-04-2018 23:07:51
9L皇帝蟹真係好大隻, 好鮮甜, D肉一梳梳, 勁滿足. 整個餐份量十足. 美中不足是送貨時間8-12, 要等太久了, 結果再要等到差不多2點才收到貨, 屯門去天水圍咋, 點解要咁耐?????未夠時間解凍, 逼住浸凍水.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Kevin Lee 03-04-2018 16:44:02
Recommend Mr./Ms. eddy 28-01-2018 23:26:36
The staff answering email is very efficient and helpful. The food was of quality and the size of the king crab was really impressive.
My only complaint is about the delivery. I selected 18:00~21:00 as the preferred delivery time, but the delivery guy called at bloody 8ish in the morning. He claimed that the preferred delivery time was not stated and asked if it was ok to come at 9ish in the morning. When I received my order, I could see the expected delivery time "18:00~21:00" clearly stated on the labels. I understand that they may want to group some orders together, and I am totally cool with that if my schedule allows, but pretending that the preferred delivery time is not stated in another thing.