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Recommend Mr./Ms. Miss Wong 10-08-2018 10:16:30
Very nice and delicious, attractive price, will order again next time. Thank you.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Chrisng 09-08-2018 23:58:06
Recommend Mr./Ms. QK.>_<. 06-08-2018 12:53:16
Delicious and juicy crab leg..........worth and i will purchase the package for party time in future!!!!
Recommend Mr./Ms. KC 06-08-2018 00:32:13
Quality of Uni can be improved, other food are great
And delivery time is always delayed (last time n this time)
Recommend Mr./Ms. Adrian Leung 05-08-2018 21:50:49
Very nice!
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ruby 01-08-2018 16:53:00
Recommend Mr./Ms. Belinda 30-07-2018 23:29:33
Recommend Mr./Ms. Sam 30-07-2018 17:59:45
We ordered food delivery time from 3-6PM, but the food was arrived at 7:30pm...disappointed
Recommend Mr./Ms. Nic Ho 30-07-2018 16:43:07
質素不錯, 抵食
Recommend Mr./Ms. Joyce 30-07-2018 09:23:00
Only comment is the delivery can be better. I was order delivery from 18-21pm, but he was not delivery at 7pm due to he said that is his last order and won't to wait until 7pm, so he delivery on next day I said 4pm but he arrived at 5:15pm. This will be affect defrosting the foods.......
Other about the food was so good and the crab legs was so yummy.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Raymond Kong 28-07-2018 21:18:27
海膽唔太新鮮。其他都還可以。刺身蝦一溶雪 蝦頭變左黑色。
Recommend Mr./Ms. Mabel ng 27-07-2018 18:21:05
Recommend Mr./Ms. Skycat 27-07-2018 18:04:26
Recommend Mr./Ms. Eve chan 24-07-2018 17:36:05
我order 了$798 個set , order 時有優惠,仲送多隻松葉蟹好抵食同美味,蟹同刺身等又新鮮同鮮甜。而且食用說明書好清晰。

Recommend Mr./Ms. ZOE 24-07-2018 00:35:38
今次是第三次食此餐, 因為好抵食,
唯一是海膽帶點苦, 我明白是不同國家的海膽是不同味道,
我本人覺得海膽帶苦味不是很多人喜歡, 如果可以選擇另一隻海膽就好了
Recommend Mr./Ms. May Wong 23-07-2018 18:49:28
Recommend Mr./Ms. Jacky Chu 22-07-2018 17:01:44
Quick service, very good quality
Recommend Mr./Ms. Bonnie 20-07-2018 22:21:07
Really good
Recommend Mr./Ms. wanda 20-07-2018 18:08:52
Recommend Mr./Ms. Zoe ching 20-07-2018 17:05:38