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Recommend Mr./Ms. Gary 15-01-2018 17:03:34
Recommend Mr./Ms. 威 12-01-2018 16:09:42
Recommend Mr./Ms. Cherry 09-01-2018 11:22:15
The delivery had delayed.
Recommend Mr./Ms. N Fan 03-01-2018 15:06:44
Very good quality of food.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Li Vicky 02-01-2018 13:38:10
Recommend Mr./Ms. Sum Yee Wong 30-12-2017 16:07:08
Recommend Mr./Ms. Mandy 29-12-2017 13:10:41
Much less than I thought for the crab size, one of the oyster was spoiled though I put it in the fridge for defrost.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ada 29-12-2017 12:02:46
Recommend Mr./Ms. Sandra 27-12-2017 19:10:50
Recommend Mr./Ms. Mrs Ho 27-12-2017 14:34:03
I am happy and satisfied with the order, except when I called to ask about how does the friend discount works; I was being treated in a very impolite attitude from your sales! He sounded he is quite young with no experienced servicing, he refuse to tell me how it works, but only tell me to read it online! He kept on saying everything is stated online, but I am a mother of a child! Some people don't have time to read, or simply they read it but don't understand it! I think that you shouldn't hire people who can't understand nor answer just a super simple questions! The way he answer my question is he expects me to already know there will be a section to enter my friends name while I process to my payment! But I am a new customer here, I didn't know that. I explained/educated him how he should answer the customer's question without assuming the customer already knew it, but he speaks very impolitely with a terrible attitude asking so if I understand it already!
I was introduced here by a friend who told me this ship was owned by a Japanese guy who is very nice with great attitude! With very quality food too! However, I was fairly disappointed by the way the reception boy reacted to his customer.
I heard many people feel this way by the reception boy, because we are a group of people who ordered from your shop together for Christmas dinner.
I just think that we should value all of our customers, and not destroyed Hong Kong's great service attitude as a culture. (Even though this is just an online shop!)
Please do not use staff who cannot service.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Chan 27-12-2017 11:59:21
Recommend Mr./Ms. Angel 27-12-2017 07:39:47
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ms.Au 26-12-2017 20:55:03
Recommend Mr./Ms. Anson 26-12-2017 18:41:23
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ms Chong 26-12-2017 15:51:04
The scallops were very fresh and tasty.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Vince 26-12-2017 15:37:59
Recommend Mr./Ms. Sara 26-12-2017 13:24:39
美味 價錢吸引
Recommend Mr./Ms. Kristy 26-12-2017 04:35:27
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ms Wu 25-12-2017 00:34:02
Recommend Mr./Ms. Lam 24-12-2017 22:58:13
The crab is not good at all