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Recommend Mr./Ms. Cheire 03-01-2019 14:05:57
1kg 有大約34條,size很大,很美味
Recommend Mr./Ms. Lawrence 02-01-2019 15:09:20
Recommend Mr./Ms. Mnafai 29-12-2018 18:37:40
有好多條都唔夠九吋 得嗰五六吋 重要幼身 一包一包四十條到 有 七至八條 都係咁
Recommend Mr./Ms. Cherry 27-12-2018 15:49:55
Recommend Mr./Ms. Geoffrey Tong 27-12-2018 15:19:39
Same as the ones we eat in Japan
Recommend Mr./Ms. Tam 25-12-2018 03:19:23
上年這個時候也訂了這個蟹腳9L, 但為什麼今年的9L蟹腳這麼小?!比上年的小了有三分之一!蟹殻的部分亦長了很多!上年買的蟹肉比例多很多,鮮甜很多。
Recommend Mr./Ms. Armus 23-12-2018 17:22:46
the crab legs are huge! Never sedn from normal market👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Recommend Mr./Ms. Cheng Yuen Tak Clarence 26-11-2018 11:59:14
27條蟹脚中起碼有5, 6條最多只屬L4或 L5的大小!上次買時也一樣,混入了兩條細了很多的,今次更離譜!這肯定是故意的!您們做生意不誠實!!我想發一張相片給您做証,發往那裹?
Recommend Mr./Ms. joe chan 13-10-2018 11:37:32
非常好味,有水準。一定會再購買 👍🏻👍🏻
Recommend Mr./Ms. Funfun TANG 30-09-2018 15:24:04
已剝殼很方便, 很巨型, 收貨當晚已吃了, 超級美味。
Recommend Mr./Ms. CHA 26-08-2018 22:16:29
Recommend Mr./Ms. C.Cheng 12-08-2018 23:35:50
There is one much smaller piece inside each of the two bags! These two pieces are at most L4 or L5 size. As there is one in each bag, I don't think they were included by mistake. They must have been included deliberately. This is very disappointing!