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Recommend Mr./Ms. Echo 13-08-2018 22:59:35
Recommend Mr./Ms. Yammie 13-08-2018 22:06:27
Recommend Mr./Ms. May Wong 13-08-2018 17:22:24
Fresh & delicious ⋯ yummy
Recommend Mr./Ms. Amy 13-08-2018 15:13:37
Recommend Mr./Ms. Edwin 13-08-2018 10:33:31
很好,已經第二次買。雖然上一之package 划算很多。但有一問題是蟹殼有不少黑色點點,是卵?
Recommend Mr./Ms. Jacky Lau 12-08-2018 16:40:01
Recommend Mr./Ms. Big John 11-08-2018 22:18:46
Can’t think of any description but “Very Good.”
Recommend Mr./Ms. vv 11-08-2018 18:35:46
Delivery delayed for 1.5 hours. I think my order is the last one to be delivered in the morning session, crab is defrosted with water inside the box.
Recommend Mr./Ms. AAA 29-07-2018 01:04:21
Recommend Mr./Ms. Pony 23-06-2018 14:55:45
Recommend Mr./Ms. Eva 02-06-2018 22:51:26
delivery requested to send one day before as confirmed; 2nd requested to deliver before the confirmed time slot on same date; finally delivered after 2 hours of telephone confirmation. Those arrangement let me know the crab not really fresh and NO crab cream of my ordered crab, little disapppointed.
Recommend Mr./Ms. Li ka ching 01-04-2018 23:54:51
Good taste and easy to order from the Net
Recommend Mr./Ms. Ivy 25-02-2018 13:36:18
Recommend Mr./Ms. Winnie So 24-12-2017 23:25:37
很好 物流又夠快